THEODOR BAUM G.M.B.H. Your partner for:
Access ladders, safety guide rails, emergency abseiling equipment.

THEODOR BAUM G.M.B.H. supplies and installs access ladders in the vertical sector to enter into or ascend structures, such as cooling towers, chimney stacks, pits and at necessary indoor and outdoor locations.

To guarantee the highest safety standards, we supply and install safety guide rails for vertical and horizontal applications and for all heights. This work also includes the installation of the rest platforms and other related components.

In order to enable to remove an injured person quickly and without risk in an emergency, we develop emergency abseiling facilities in various designs and install them to met the specific requirements.

All the components installed comply with the current DIN and BG standards and are therefore important elements to protect life and limb.

THEODOR BAUM G.M.B.H. services fall protection facilities in accordance with regulations. We also conduct the prescribed inspections of all fall protection components. This includes guide rails, belts, ropes and other equipment.