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Exterior lightning protection, interior lightning protection, overvoltage protection

Every year, an average of 1 million lightning flashes discharge over the Federal Republic of Germany. Taking an area of some 357,000 km² as a basis, that corresponds to an average lightning density of 2.8 lightning discharges per square kilometre every year.

The actual density is higher or lower, depending on the geographical location, and therefore represents a risk which should not be underestimated. For this reason there are installation standards according to which lightning conductor systems can be installed to protect against the negative effects. These systems are intended to protect structures against mechanical destruction or fire and prevent people and animals from being injured or even killed.

The entire lightning conductor system consists of exterior and interior lightning protection. Both systems can be installed separately but are only really effective as a whole unit. The functions of the exterior lightning conductor are to collect, conduct and distribute the lightning current into the ground.

The interior lightning conductor prevents the formation of hazardous sparks inside the structure by means of systematic equipotential bonding and through the use of overvoltage protection components.

THEODOR BAUM G.M.B.H. has been producing its own overvoltage protection equipment for general use, but above all for aviation obstruction lighting systems on high structures and industrial stacks since 1965. As these facilities are frequently struck by lightning during thunder storms, our equipment is constantly proving its effectiveness and long service life.

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