THEODOR BAUM G.M.B.H. Your partner for:
Switchgear, lighting systems, measurement and control technology

The majority of industrial structures have an extremely complicated interior. THEODOR BAUM G.M.B.H. supplies these facilities completely and on a turnkey basis.

High technical demands, especially in the field of safety, cause substantial costs depending on the scope involved. Necessary switchgear become less expensive for the customer thanks to our diligent planning and the sometimes intermeshing technology of the plant components. One consequence of the resultant space saved is an improved layout.

In order to guarantee accessibility, operability and functioning of the individual plants, e.g. in the chimney stack interior, stairways, ladders, platforms, rooms and other facilities must be equipped with a suitably high-quality electric supply. For this purpose we plan and install interior lighting systems, power and normal multi-outlet distribution units and other complex, high-quality technical equipment.

The high degree of safety demanded and prescribed for all technical equipment details requires constant monitoring and control of the individual processes. We supply and install measurement and control components which solve the tasks on hand.

We also plan and install steam tracing systems to protect against the formation of icicles on outdoor platforms, lightning conductor air terminations or to prevent liquid-filled pipes from freezing.