THEODOR BAUM G.M.B.H. Your partner for lightning and overvoltage protection, aviation obstruction lighting, industrial electrics, safety technology, radio technology. The safety we guarantee is based on our many years of experience.

1846 Establishment of THEODOR BAUM G.M.B.H.
The company is set up as a firm for chimney construction and an engineering office for the production of lightning conductors.

1920 Wilhelm Balkenhohl takes over THEODOR BAUM G.M.B.H. In the years to follow the company undergoes a crucial development phase above all in the field of lightning protection and is largely responsible for the creation of the German Association of Lightning Protection (VDB).

In the period up to 1939 our company makes its experience, products and services in the field of antenna construction, structural steel and tubular masts available to military institutions. These masts subsequently lead to the antenna installations for the German Border Police which we alone install and service.

1965 Hans-Ulrich Balkenhohl takes over the reins of the company. The foundation stone for the aviation obstruction lighting sector is laid. The first chimney with lighting is produced in the Hüls chemical works. Proceeding from this, the company builds almost all lighting systems on the large chimney stacks and cooling towers of the major power generation companies in Germany. And many plants are installed in the neighbouring European countries and in the rest of the world.

Our successes are reflected in many awards and our constantly satisfied customers. Not least of all the awarding of the Federal Cross of Merit with Ribbon by the German President bears witness to our success and continuous commitment.

THEODOR BAUM G.M.B.H. gained access to the field of industrial electrics through the aviation obstruction lighting sector. The first overvoltage protection unit originates from our company. Interior lighting, controls and all electric work which arises in the chimney sector are supplied and installed.

In 1988 Detlev Balkenhohl joins the company as the third generation and expands the range of products: fall protection systems, safety technology on high structures and radio technology are integrated into the company divisions.

During the past decade the company has mainly intensified its European and international business. Aviation obstruction lighting systems with our know-how can be found all over the world.

Today we employ a total of 20 workers: engineers, master electricians, technicians and specialists all with full professional training.

Experience creates Safety – since 1846