THEODOR BAUM G.M.B.H. Your partner for:
Day and night identification of high buildings, overvoltage protection equipment and unique installation work with special equipment.

Stacks, cooling towers, transmitter masts, wind power stations and high-rise buildings represent a serious risk to air traffic especially at night and in bad weather. Our company plans and installs the necessary facilities especially for you in line with your specifications and in accordance with the requirements of the aviation supervisory authorities and local authorities.

The designs generally differ. The strongest demand exists in the field of night identification systems. Main and related stand-by obstruction lighting, main and auxiliary power networks and more or less complicated control, monitoring and reporting parts are prescribed for the components used in the switchgear. However, extremely high-quality systems with complicated daylight identifications or power supplies using diesel generators are also required and we also supply and install them.

Our many years of experience in the installation and maintenance of numerous aviation obstruction lighting systems in Germany and abroad are the basis for our quality work. All our products therefore excel worldwide through their very good image.

In recent years we have not only installed our systems in Germany but also in Iran, Iraq, Jordan and in neighbouring European countries such as Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg. The order for lighting components from the farthest country was supplied to Indonesia in 2000.

Provided that access can be gained to the highest point of the structure, we are able to install both the highest lighting systems and those underneath without any further aids, just with our special equipment. Installation work of this kind is unique. And we are proud of that.

A whole series of today's ruling regulations have been incorporated into the set of rules of the VDE (German Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) on the basis of our developments and advice. Thanks to numerous technical developments at our company, our systems achieve a very long, energy-saving and above all extremely low-maintenance service life. It's not only our satisfied customers who are pleased about this.

In spite of all durability, maintenance work should be regularly conducted as a general check. THEODOR BAUM G.M.B.H. is also your partner for this work.